Alles Glänzt So Schön Neu

No shopping anymore approximately works as well as let's say going jogging or eating healthier. Not in the slightest, that is ;D Bought the one or other thing today, namely two over-sized shirts, one in dark blue, very stretchy and one in black sprinkled (both from H&M), a white sheer shirt with 3/4 sleeves (H&M), a long golden necklace (H&M), an amazing beige cardigan (New Yorker... never thought I'd ever buy something there) and a book.
More interesting, however, is that I saw THE perfect pair of shoes! Really... it's not that I call every pair of shoes I want to have perfect... NO, not all of them :P But they are really great. I just NEED them!! Whatever reason it might have but I happen to have bought exclusively 8cm and more heels. These, in contrast, are flat. An amazing pair of sneakers: up to the ankle, different brown nuances, leather and with purple laces. I saw them and I loved them. However, they didn't have my size :/ So I went to the seller. She said that they'd get more on Monday. I asked her whether it were possible to put them aside in my size in advance. As I don't live in the town the shop is, though, I can't possibly pick them up on Monday... Saturday at the earliest actually. However, as the seller saw how enthusiastic I was about the shoes and how secure to buy them, she said she'd make an exception :) Thanks!


Ever So Green


Sony Ericsson S500i, Malik Pegasus field hockey stick, Nikon D40 SLR 

On The Run

Another of those grey days with a lot of rain and unfortunately not a hint of sunshine. Such weather is entirely reflected in my mood. I'm a different person when the sun shines. Hopefully it won't take too long anymore for sun to show its warmth and light!
Other than that I'm more and more beginning to realise that there's only one week of school left. It's incredible. Thirteen years of school finally over? I've been starting getting a little melancholy and nostalgic of late. I can clearly remember my very first school days at primary school, grammar school, the day when my Intensive Courses started two years ago. I was so very excited and in great anticipation to what was lying ahead of me. As always when it comes to school I was so eager to sponge as much knowledge and information as possible... And now it's almost all over. However, a new chapter of my life is about to begin, a chapter I've been looking forward to for ages: university! Hope I get into the Politics, Economics and Sociology as well as the Media Studies course.
And today my second jeans shorts arrived :) Totally love them. While the others from yesterday are frayed and dark, those from today are high-waisted and bright. Looking forward to posting pictures. Also, I again ordered something from H&M. There's still the one or other piece to be sent, which is why I thought adding on couldn't be wrong ;D


Current Wish List

Had quite a good day today. At least the final note of it was great! Met my two best friends at the café and planned our upcoming holiday with them. Up to then we hadn't planned anything. What was clear was only that we'd definitely travel south and right to the beach 8) We are all in desperate need of summer and, of course, want to celebrate our finals (which we'll have passed in June). The outcome of our look-throughs and planning: Tunisia!! How great is that? I really do hope it works out.
Anyway, some other bright spots of the day: my Hallhuber jeans shorts finally arrived (and they fit!), some other orders arrived and I got leather wet-look leggings after all :) Still there's some stuff I need:
  • black or grey hat (seen at H&M)
  • slender brown belt to be knotted (H&M)
  • waistcoats (leather, fringed, sequined... everything ;D)
  • hair headband (some like those from Asos)
  • sleeping mask (to be able to sleep at my boyfriend's when I need to get up early in the morning, while he has to watch TV during the night xD)
  • in constant need of blazers
  • big necklaces
  • a jumpsuit
  • plus, I still sort of want this underwear:


Motley - MGMT Part #1

Well, it's widely spread I have a soft spot for MGMT. But why not consider them style icons for once? I guess the photographs tell everything.

and the best at last... hehe

Black And White - MGMT Part #2


Please Please Please

After some hours of rain and clouds this morning it's finally become sunnier. I've been so desperate to get at least the smallest sunshine... That's what German weather's come to... Summer, where are you?
School's over already :) Maths class was cancelled today, so I can pack my swim things for school swimming this afternoon and everything I need at my boyfriend's this evening and night, laid-back and in total calm.
What I forgot to say: On my short shopping tour on Monday (to which I'd grabbed Mum and taken her with me xD) my mum saw a stunning top! It was gorgeous. Sleeveless, black, in A form and peppered with sequins all over. So amazing :) She said she had been looking for something like this. I tried to talk her into buying that piece (of course, not too altruistic... I could easily visualise me in that top with just black tights and nice heels because it seemed long enough to be worn without pants), but as Mum's shopping principles are not exactly like mine, she didn't buy it :/ Pity. It would have suited her well... and me of course ;D


Remember Worthing....

I'm so looking forward to this summer, because it'll be a very long one! Plus, I'm going to re-start field hockey, probably travel to Spain or France, hopefully move in with my beloved boyfriend, start uni aaaand do an internship in Worthing, England as a leader of the language course organisation Swan College. I was once a student in 2006 there myself and I loved it. And now I'll be a leader! Can't wait to go back to England :)



Drove shopping with my sweet car today. What I got is an amazing black tee with a big tiger print on it, purple jogging bottoms, a short biker jacket-like grey summer jacket, amazazing heels (the highest they had there... which I was searching for... and it's not even that high...) and finally! mustard-coloured tights (everything from H&M). Additionally I ordered the clothes I posted yesterday on-line some minutes ago O:-)
xx Janine


Remember my revealing my unconditional love of this Balmain blazer? Well, now I'm pretty sure I'm in love with the whole Balmain autumn 2009 collection. I guess it's even one of my favourite collections ever with its amazing pencil skirts, blazers and boyfriend pants.


Feeling Good

Birds flying high 
You know how I feel 
Sun in the sky 
You know how I feel 
Breeze driftin' on by 
You know how I feel 
It's a new dawn 
It's a new day 
It's a new life 
For me 
And I'm feeling good 
I'm feeling good

(Michael Bublè - Feeling Good)

After an extremely stressy, exhausting week at school and beyond, the weekend at my boyfriend's has really made me feel good and think positive again. This is one of those phases when I turn up Michael Bublé's Feeling Good very loud. Actually, a pretty untypical song for my music taste, but I just love his voice and the song is a blast!

Well, with my optimism and groove back in my head I've been taken a look at my most beloved fashion blogs and online shops. Moreover, the new Glamour issue has found its way to my home when I was at my boyfriend's this weekend :) I'm looking forward to going through it before going to bed in a while! Anyway, enough of waffling now... this what I've laid an eye on:


Gib Mir In Dieser Schnellen Zeit Irgendwas Das Bleibt...

Today can be easily captured in one song called Irgendwas bleibt (= Something remains) by the German band Silbermond. As, like in the track, I've never felt so pressured by time, work and the whole world as now. I hate this new-age approach of having to function permanently. This is so inhumane. I'll be ever so happy when my finals are finally over - albeit I've always loved school....


We've Got The Vision, Now Let's Have Some Fun

It's fascinating again and again: the power of the first sunshine. Finally it's become a little warmer here and the sun has been shining almost continuously all day. So as to celebrate this already forgotten occurence I didn't put my winter jacket on this morning, which I'd worn for so many weeks now, but my short dark-blue Vero Moda coat. It feels good to leave those grey days behind. Let's hope they won't come back too quickly!
Also, all exams and tests are done now. Now it's party, relaxation and shopping time up until my finals. But of course, teachers won't have us enjoy the sunny weather without  giving us loads of work to do :/ But well, there's nothing that could possibly drag me down right now :D Listening to MGMT makes it even far better :)
Have a nice - hopefully sunny - day!
Hugs xx