Boy Crush

Sorry babe (aka my boyfriend) but I'm having a crush. On Peter. Peter Doherty! His solo album Grace/Wastelands, that is, at least. Beautiful piece of art.

I am the rain
Held in disdain
Lotions and potions just add to my fame
The rime that in Spain
Fall on the plain
The truth is I'm ruthless I can't be contained
Up in the sky we've demand to supply
I am necessity, base of the recipy
I'm the rain

Girl Crush

After seeing this in the current German Glamour issue I'm convinced. German topmodel Julia Stegner. Definitely the hottest!

Addendum #2

I'm in the midst of my finals. The 5-hour German exam is already over. Tomorrow English awaits me. Somehow... and this might sound weird, I'm looking forward to it. Don't know if it's the anticipation of losing strain or the exam itself. Cross your fingers for me!



Well, my last schoolweek passed by a couple of weeks ago, which is why I'm posting some impressions of the motto days.

Day #1: Doctors and Nurses

Day #2: Hip Hop vs. Emo

Day #3: Superheroes and Fairytale Characters

Day #4: Pyjama Day

Day #5: Bum Day

second from the right, with the green hat

I'm the second from the left... as an emo

the right one, as Catwoman
the left one
second from the right