Which one(s) to buy??

My favourite: get them all! xD


If I Were A Boy

Scarlett Johansson for Mango. If I were a boy.... :P



These are my current favourite nail varnish colours.
(from left to right) p2 color victim Fever (looks more coral than on the photo); essence multi dimension So Wanted; [b] basic no. 20 (no tone stated)


Little Boxes

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days I've had in a while. Summer's finally found its way back to Germany and so Mum and I went to the town centre at noon to have some coffee, cappuccino, ice cream and further goodies. We then made a detour to tschibo where you actually get coffee but they also sell loads of other things. And this is where I found those lovely boxes. I'm completely in love with them! I needed some for the new room anyway to store some things and they are simply perfect, don't you think? I also got this small notebook which happens to have almost the same design, a golden jewel bag which is ever so practical! and a scarf-hanger. For now I've got them in my old room but I'll take them with me to Bochum the next time I'm there.

In the evening my best friend Ines and I went to a nearby lake then where they have a beautiful beach bar. We enjoyed the last sunrays, had some cocktails, ice cream, sodas and yummy paninos :) 


Birthday and Brunch

Well it was my birthday yesterday and it was the first time I didn't wake up at home on this particular day in the year. I was in my new OWN flat :) And this time it was not the parents but my beloved bf who woke me up. I didn't really party as almost everyone's on holiday right now but what isn't can still be ;D

And this is what I got: my new digital SLR I'd longed for forever, an H&M voucher, a slouchy 80s pullover, a new Audrey Hepburn poster for the new room and this lovely jewel case you can see above from my parents, money from my grandma aaaand a cute key fob and a university pullover of the Ruhr University I'd been accepted at and where I'll study Politics, Economics & Society as well as Media Studies from this year's October on!

Unfortunately I haven't taken any good pictures yet as I haven't inserted the SD card into my new camera yet. Just yet another photo of the jewel casket opened and some impressions of the amazing brunch I had with my friends this noon at a friend's place. She's got the lovliest house ever!


Colour Mixture

Fallen in love with this beautiful, motley composition of a gaudy, a pastel and a natural colour seen at Dries van Noten's F/W collection.

photo from obsessee


Beg, Steal Or Borrow

Had a mother-daughter day today and I enjoyed it! First we went shopping (of course! haha) and again I must admit I got looooads of stuff. I should really stop going shopping as I've paid a fortune the last days. But what can a girl do when she tries on clothes which fit perfectly and look ever so good and as a matter of course like nothing else she owns?! Exactly. Nothing. May most probably post some new outfits soon! 

And this leads me straight to my next topic: the camera. I've been wanting an slr for AGES but of course it costs quite a bit. Now however I stumbled across this babe:
sexy, huh? ;D And not only that. It's also totally affordable. 
The second part of my mum's and my day was seeing the new Harry Potter film, hehe. It's sort of a tradition. We've always done that together with each of the films. I can remember our sitting in the cinema watching the first part back in 2001 or so. Oh well I'm getting nostalgic :P The film itself wasn't as good as expected. Liked the last one muuuch better.
However, what really knocked me off my feet was the new Arctic Monkeys track Crying Lightning. Totally love it. Just heard it some minutes ago for the very first time. I'm so looking forward to their new album Humbug!


Still Take You Home

The new room. Sorry for the chaos. It's far from done and probably it will never be finished... but this is just to give you an impression of it.


Can't You See I'm Trying? I Don't Even Like It. Is This It?

Photograph taken shortly before I went to the pictures and to a cocktail bar with my best friend. Also wore a short black vintage blazer with shoulder pads overneath since it's got so unpleasantly windy and all rainy here in Germany. It's supposed to be summerly from tomorrow on. Let's see, I'll cross my fingers for that.  The pants were actually tight once... I've somehow lost six kilos in a week without wanting that and without doing any sports... I don't know what's going on with my body :(

loose top - Matthew Williamson for H&M; high-waisted pants - H&M divided; belt - random


What She Came For

What I HAVE to tell you is that I found this super-amazing second-hand shop in Bochum called Misfits. It's awesome, really! I've never stumbled across a good second-hand shop in my surroundings but this one was truly worth my first visit. It was on Saturday. My bf and I were actually looking for a special flea market but it was raining heavily. So we took shelter under the roof of the car park I left my runabout. And as my eyes were wandering the environments I was suddenly seeing it! While my bf was smoking his cigarette, I paid the store a visit. I was thrilled: 70s blazers with sequins, hats, vintage shoes, everything. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to search it completely so that's what I can look forward to the next days/weeks!
Other than that nothing special going on here. The weather still sucks. It's supposed to get better though. I really hope so, I need summer! Oh and yeah we painted my new room at my bf's place on Thursday. The move starts assuming a shape. I like that.


I Feel Heavy Metal!!

...well actually I don't but I'm super-relieved, happy, euphoric and many things more I can't really define right now as everything's mixed in my body and a storm of joy is blowing through it. I graduated from school today! The prom is only in two weeks though. However, we got our final grade today. All the pressure and endless periods of waiting dropped away from me and I can now apply to universities and look forward to the (probably) most amazing phase in my life: being a student with everything involved with it :D

Also I feel the need to post some further photographs of Emma Watson as I really love her style and look.
Moreover she's the new face of Burberry.


Little Miss Pipedream

So okay I guess everyone from my surroundings knows I've got a soft spot for Harry Potter star Emma Watson (Hermione), which is why it's not astonishing I'm dedicating a post to her now. I'm one of those former teens who grew up with Harry Potter. I'm an example of this phenomenon at its best. When the first book was released back in 1999, I bought it as soon as it was lying in the local bookstores. I was 9 then. When the series had reached one of the numerous further peaks which were meant to follow the whole thing was adopted as a film series. And I can honestly say that I'm a fan of Emma Watson from day one. At that time I saw the pictures of the three twee kids who where to play Harry, Ron and Hermione.

To cut a long story short: I've always adored Emma Watson. She's beautiful without having optimal proportions, she's edgy, she's talented, she's classy and stylish and she's got lots of brainpower and nous.

So back to what made me create this post: Emma at the Rodarte Dinner Party. I really loved her appearance. She shows unusually much of her skin here yet her dress is very eloquent - just very Rodarte!

Some of her latest looks