Little Boxes

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days I've had in a while. Summer's finally found its way back to Germany and so Mum and I went to the town centre at noon to have some coffee, cappuccino, ice cream and further goodies. We then made a detour to tschibo where you actually get coffee but they also sell loads of other things. And this is where I found those lovely boxes. I'm completely in love with them! I needed some for the new room anyway to store some things and they are simply perfect, don't you think? I also got this small notebook which happens to have almost the same design, a golden jewel bag which is ever so practical! and a scarf-hanger. For now I've got them in my old room but I'll take them with me to Bochum the next time I'm there.

In the evening my best friend Ines and I went to a nearby lake then where they have a beautiful beach bar. We enjoyed the last sunrays, had some cocktails, ice cream, sodas and yummy paninos :) 

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