It's Vintage, Darling!

It was only a few days ago that I stumbled across the online shop This Charming Girl, which offers some gorgeous handmade and vintage jewellry. I'm totally in love with those necklaces and might get one for me as well as for my mum :)



Hopelessly Devoted...

This is my latest love: tiramisu. I can't withstand it. It's standing in the fridge, smiling at me with its cocoa on top, the fluffy mascarpone cream underneath and then the lady's finger bottom with a hint of alcohol. Sooo yummy! Then, however, you see the lid with its calorie information... what's overwhelming me then is not primarily the tasting smell but a truly bad conscience. Well, such a conflicting love....

(photograph taken from flickr)


New DIVIDED Campaign

Well, I got a mail from H&M today.... not exactly something I like these days, because I can be entirely sure that they've come up with new amazing stuff and this is not the thing my purse likes ;D To be honest, however, I was going to take a took at the DIVIDED campaign joyously. 
One thing for sure: It's lovely new clothes <3
Some highlights:
and I very aware of the fact that it was only last week that I bought myself THE very leather jacket... a gorgeous piece in the style of a biker's jacket.... but this one's here from H&M is sooo stunning, isn't it? And it's - I'm pretty sure about it - VERY different from my one :P
(all photos taken from shop.hm.com)
I particularly love those wide jeans and trousers which become so trendy this season. Certainly something girls love but boy-friends hate ;D


In Love With Black And Lace

................... and some more stuff!

1st row: sequins dress, fringe dress, leopard short cardigan; 2nd row: zebra cardigan, black hat; 3rd row: lace loungewear, silky jumpsuit, military jacket; 4th row: lace and satin top, peated dress (everything from f21)

1st row: grey over-sized sweater, grey high-waisted shorts, bright-grey over-sized sweater, purple fringe sandals (all from f21); second row: brown pilot sunglasses, blue chinos, beige short blazer (all from h&m); third row: coral heels, beige high-waisted shorts, white-gold bangle (all from h&m); bottom row: beige bolero (h&m), leopard dress (f21), leopard sunglasses (h&m)


New Style

Coming up with a new layout pretty soon, I promise :)
School's started today by the way. The final spurt... I'm going to try to work as hard as possible to get the favoured result.



Well, now I'm going to finally make this blog into what it has always been supposed to be: a fashion blog. Presenting my everyday as well as party outfits and hoping to get some comments on them ;D

xx, Janine