Random Impressions

First thing to announce today: I re-named the blog as The Waffle. I'd been looking for something more me and flippy than Janine's bits and pieces. The Waffle is supposed to stand for both waffles themselves (cause I love them :)) and "waffle's" second meaning: "babbling". Now you might have noticed that I'm not the most creative person ;D

Today was the first time for me to drive my new cutie (namely my car) alone, with no one sitting next to me. Actually, it was the very first time for me to drive alone at all. It worked better than yesterday. I'm feeling more and more secure, although this was only the second time in the car :D I intended to take some photographs of the car, but the battery of the camera seems to be entirely out of order now :/ You know, I've always loved photographing, but my old SLR isn't digital, which why I've used it only rarely the last years. So I've used my dad's digital camera. It's a good one, yet it's a difference to hold an SLR in one's hands. I'm considering buying myself a digital SLR... I don't know how to pay for it though :P Something like this one would be great:


In Need Of...

Drove my cute, new runabout today. I so love it :) It's nice to drive aaaand purple! (And yes, that is indeed an important factor ;D) Anyhow, I can't wait to post some photos. The battery of my camera is sort of broken, though. I haven't been able to figure out what's wrong with it yet. I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow!

Wish (or better: Need) List
 - wet-look leggings
 - blue, big handbad (seen at H&M)
 - oversized shirt or thin sweatshirt (preferably in a tinged look)
 - too big a pullover (simple one, preferably in dark-grey... just buy it in M or L)
 - jumpsuit (have seen so many on topshop etc. but haven't found any in stores here)
 - sequined waistcoat
 - bikini and/or swinsuit/monokini


Lovely Outfits

Well, you all now Betty always wears amazing outfits. With the last two ones, however, she outgunned herself in my opinion. So cute, I simply love them :)

(pictures taken from http://www.leblogdebetty.com/)



I've been looking for striped tights for quite a while and finally found some! I really love the pattern, though it can't be really seen on the photographs unfortunately. Bad thing is: I bought them the day before yesterday, wore them yesterday at a party and they already got torn in a small place. I really hate how easily tights tear.... I hope I can fix it, though.

C&A tights, H&M mini skirt



The weather's been terrible here for days, even weeks. Rain or snow all along and no hint of sunshine, let alone spring. Though that's exactly what I want and need right now. I want it to be summer finally. I'm tired of all these scarves, the same boring winter jacket everyday.... To brave all the plashy puddles, I've been wearing my vintage biker boots the whole week. At least they protected me from that grey weather!



I'm being so overhappy momentarily. I've been in this mood for a couple of days now. Everything's just so perfect! The only negative side to it is that it might be over sometime. Finally, I've found the perfect degree course, that is, at the Ruhr University Bochum: Politics, Economics and Sociology together with Media Studies. I hope I'll be accepted in July! If so, some more changes will set in.....

Amazing changes, which I so want to come true: firstly it's moving in with my boyfriend. It's a big step, I know, but we both want it so much... It'd be simply great. And I love Bochum, the town he lives in. I've always loved it!

And if I get to living in Bochum, I'll play for the Bochum field hockey team. For now I'm going to re-start playing field hockey here in Wuppertal from April on. I'm so looking forward to it. Living without field hockey is impossible for me xD

Next great news: I bought a car today!! I know this might sound a little spontaneous to you, but it wasn't ;) I've been looking for my very first car for weeks, but hadn't stumbled across a good, payable one. Today, however, I found THE car: a Ford Fiesta. It's soooo cute :P I'll have it here on Friday, which is when I'll post photos :)

Moreover, finally got a small handbag today. It's red and from leather. Like it a lot!

That's it for the time being. Tomorrow I'll write my pre-exam in German... 5 hours... oh my!


Shoe Shoe

I've got new shoes again. They are exactly as I've wanted my new summer heels to look like. I'm going to upload pictures with me in all my new stuff soon. For now, however, just some photos of the new sandals:


After all (yay!), I am going to see Mando Diao live in Cologne again on the 8th of April. I'm so happy and just can't wait! Actually, the concert has been sold out for days, particularly because their fifth album (which is amazing by the way: Give Me Fire) was released last Friday.
This is why I was resenting not having bought myself tickets for their concert right away. No sooner had I drawn a line under this than my beloved boy-friend told me he had tickets for the two of us :D :D What can I say? He's just perfect <3


Glamorous, Glamorous

Ugh, my very last exam round at high school has just started: with a five-hour exam in English. It was the first time we could choose between two options: Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech and an extract from an Indian novel dealing with arranged marriages. Actually, the first was more appealing to me, I chose the latter anyway ;D I hate having the choice... I'd rather prefer getting just one exam, and then I'd try to do it as well as possible. However, as I'm the most indecisive person on earth, I was selecting the one over the other for more than half an hour! I'm just happy the exam is over... I've to wait and see what it brings.

Now to more enjoyable topics: I was so happy to finally receive the first issue of my Glamour subscription. I've been reading Glamour regularly for quite a while, but it's only now that I've subscriped to it. With it, there lay a Spring/Summer Stylebook. Love it :)
Also, I've finally made it to at least take photographs of my new sandals. Further pictures of the clothes I've bought of late are to come!


Balmain Blazer

Each time I stumbled across this Balmain blazer in fashion magazines of late I was impressed. I can't even tell what makes these blazers so unique and outstanding. I simply think them pure perfection.


This And That

Hey guys,
After spending an amazing weekend at my boyfriend's (who, by the way, selected a gorgeous skirt and a wonderfully comfy shirt for me and who furthermore proved an astonishing taste in fashion for he loved a purple tee for himself, which I adored too but never would have expected to appeal to him... well, I was luckily proved wrong. Anyway, the clothes he chose for me, too, once again show that our fashion taste is so very similar!), it's time for me to post again after quite a while. I'll post pictures of the new stuff later. Moreover, I got a new pair of sandals today and some beautiful earrings. Need to upload photos of the clothes I've bought lately anyways....
Here's what I want to have momentarily in addition:
Well, that's already it for now... I'd be a very happy girl to have this stuff ;D