London Calling

I'm currently addicted to hats. I have only two and I guess I really need a bowler. I love the shape of this one here:
However, it was only yesterday that I saw C&A had knocked off 50% of the hat which they offer in three colours and which I once ordered in light brown already but I found it too expensive then. Now that it's reduced, though....
dark brown
light brown
Back then I ordered it in light brown but momentarily I like the dark brown one the most. I think those from C&A look better worked, however I found it pretty big the last time - particularly the brim. Which one to order?
Gradually I become more confident as for my final oral exam in maths. It's  next Thursday (6 June) at 5.30 pm. Cross your fingers for me!
I'm looking forward to driving to my boyfriend's this evening again :) Then I'll instantly hop off to field hockey practice and then enjoy the evening with my bf. I'm happy there's not so many dates to come up any more so I can relax and spend some more days at my boyfriend's :D I'm so enthusiastic momentarily to start moving in with him. I'll probably do so in a few weeks!
I'm in such a going-out mood these days! Hope to go drink something, pay some indie sheds a visit etc this weekend :)


God Knows...

... what Mando Diao thought - if they thought at all, that is. Little belated but better late than never: here comes a review of the Mando Diao (8 April) and The Rifles concert (18 April).
As my introduction suggests I didn't really enjoy the Mando concert. Even though I found the new album (Give Me Fire!) astonishingly good their live performance was pretty anticlimatic this time. It started all with Sheepdog. Well who the hell can possibly maintain standing when they play this track? Obviously thousands of people can. Hardly anyone got into motion! It was pure lethargy. And the band seemed to be willing to support this behaviour as I nearly felt asleep during the concert. I was so bored! I honestly had to yawn on and off. They appeared to have a soft spot for their slow songs... and then they even played potentially rocking tracks elatedly and slowly. Super. And as if it were not already enough, there were all these teens dancing as though they'd just left kindergarten, chucks on their feet probably to feel more grown-up and like rockfans, and screaming how cute Björn is and how they all rock. Oh yeah. Sure, kids. And then there was also that mum. She honestly asked my boy-friend to be more careful since there were her kids. Well, my lady, even though this band currently doesn't suggest, this is a ROCKBAND! So please either don't bring your kiddies to a rock concert or accept that there's moshing and pogoing...
So that had me just hope for a better performance by The Rifles ten days later. Then however the evening of the concert came and my bf and I were really struggling to go there. I had my first final exam to come up two days later and we didn't exactly feel like driving 50 mins there and back. In the end however I motivated us to drive there anyway. We decided to take it nice and easy so we first had a shower, ordered some junk food, got dressed and then left. We even arrived almost in time. It was when the second song was played (She's Got Standards... my Rifle's favourite song :D) that we were there. And it was quite a good concert. I've loved the band as long as they've existed. Nice vocals and cool melodies. Just very British :) The concert was really worth the few Euros the ticket cost and - no joking - the front man looked me straight in the eyes many times! There's just like 300 people in that small club so that's not impossible at all. He looked at me quite often. Slobbering. Oh and no, I'm of course not like those kids from the Mando concert... :P


Little Bit

This is what's inspired me of late.

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Don't Look Back Into The Sun

What I totally forgot to mention is that my summer holiday's booked! I'm so excited and looking forward to spending a week in Bulgaria with my two best friends. This is how our location looks like:
Can't wait to go there B) Plus I was now ultimately accepted as a leader on a language course of Swan College in Worthing, England, this summer! I'm so happy about that.


I Am The Rain

Hey girls, once more it becomes obvious my mood so much depends on the weather. When the sun shines I'm happy, when it rains I'm aggrieved. Currently the weather is  very alternating and so is my temper. Looking forward to going out tonight to my beloved indie shed, unhappy though that my oral final exam in Maths is coming up.... 
Have a nice day!
xx Juna


When You Give Women Back Their Mystery, You Give Them Back Their Youth

What a beatiful day! The sun's out after all these grey and rainy days, it's warm enough to wear shorts, skirts, dresses, tank tops and sandals, I woke up at 7 this morning so as to smile at the upcoming day, opened my first real, sort of grown-up bank account :D, found time to pay my hair-dresser a visit which was past-due again, now I'm relaxing, a little sun-bathing and looking forward to spending the rest of the week with my bf and to finally! going to riff, my favourite indie shed, Friday night.

Love this.