Beg, Steal Or Borrow

Had a mother-daughter day today and I enjoyed it! First we went shopping (of course! haha) and again I must admit I got looooads of stuff. I should really stop going shopping as I've paid a fortune the last days. But what can a girl do when she tries on clothes which fit perfectly and look ever so good and as a matter of course like nothing else she owns?! Exactly. Nothing. May most probably post some new outfits soon! 

And this leads me straight to my next topic: the camera. I've been wanting an slr for AGES but of course it costs quite a bit. Now however I stumbled across this babe:
sexy, huh? ;D And not only that. It's also totally affordable. 
The second part of my mum's and my day was seeing the new Harry Potter film, hehe. It's sort of a tradition. We've always done that together with each of the films. I can remember our sitting in the cinema watching the first part back in 2001 or so. Oh well I'm getting nostalgic :P The film itself wasn't as good as expected. Liked the last one muuuch better.
However, what really knocked me off my feet was the new Arctic Monkeys track Crying Lightning. Totally love it. Just heard it some minutes ago for the very first time. I'm so looking forward to their new album Humbug!

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