What She Came For

What I HAVE to tell you is that I found this super-amazing second-hand shop in Bochum called Misfits. It's awesome, really! I've never stumbled across a good second-hand shop in my surroundings but this one was truly worth my first visit. It was on Saturday. My bf and I were actually looking for a special flea market but it was raining heavily. So we took shelter under the roof of the car park I left my runabout. And as my eyes were wandering the environments I was suddenly seeing it! While my bf was smoking his cigarette, I paid the store a visit. I was thrilled: 70s blazers with sequins, hats, vintage shoes, everything. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to search it completely so that's what I can look forward to the next days/weeks!
Other than that nothing special going on here. The weather still sucks. It's supposed to get better though. I really hope so, I need summer! Oh and yeah we painted my new room at my bf's place on Thursday. The move starts assuming a shape. I like that.

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